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Planned & Present is a step-by-step guide on how to organise the chaos of family life while still leaving space to enjoy it.

What I teach in the course is how I turned my life around a few years ago and have maintained since then. I turned it from a point where I was feeling undervalued, under appreciated and over worked at home, to a point where I could once again enjoy my family, have them work with me in the home and spend more time on things I love.

The course has already helped hundreds of women to do the same and I would love to help you too!

What Planned and Present will deliver to you!

Through out the course lessons I will take you on a journey where we work out where you are spending your time now, determine where you want to be spending it and creating a plan to get you there. The course will deliver to you:

Clarity and confidence to deal with competing interests – by determining your “why” you can make navigating this minefield much easier.

Creation of positive habits – through learning about why habits work and how you can fit them into your life permanently.

Routines, processes and plans to organise the chaos of family life – there are templates for you to use and routines to follow, so you don’t have to start from scratch

Restored calm to daily life – with disorganisation comes stress, tension and decreased family harmony. Move to a planned approach and see how much calmer family life becomes.

An improved distribution of household tasks – through a planned and thought out family contribution schedule.

Defined strategies to be present at home – there is more to life than a checked to do list and I will show you how you can incorporate simple strategies into your week so you spend time being truly present with your family.

Save you money – the average Australian household throws out over $1,000* worth of food each year. Meal planning prevents and reduces food wastage, saving you plenty of money across the year.

More time to enjoy the family – setting up a solid planned base for your family, will save you time, time you can spend with those you love most.

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Planned and Present 


Planned & Present will reopen again in late February 2018 and I would love to have you part of it. In the meantime to help make family life easier, sign up to be on the waitlist and receive my Setting The Foundations Guide for free!

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