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Planned & Present is a step-by-step guide on how to organise the chaos of family life while still leaving space to enjoy it. 

Through the seven lessons you will work through the Planned and Present Workflow which, will help you change your mindset and behaviours to get you organised at home for the long term. 21 day challenges tell you what to do each day, which to use an old adage is effectively giving you a fish - I am going to teach you how to fish.

You will learn how to use the workflow time and time again to adjust your planning and organising as your family stages, ages and circumstances change.

Through out the course lessons you will work out where you are spending your time now, determine where you want to be spending it and create a plan to get you there. 

How is Planned & Present delivered

Planned & Present is an online course. When you sign up you will be given a login and you will receive lifetime full access to the course content through the website.

Each lesson includes:
- a video to watch
- workbook activities to complete
- the option to download materials for each lesson so the course can be undertaken offline if needed


Time – how you are using it and what you want to do with it

In the first lesson you will be introduced to the Planned and Present Workflow and make your way through the first two components, Analyse and Goal Setting.

While it might seem like it would be quicker to head straight to tools and tricks to managing your time, the reality is those sorts of tips will only gain you minutes here and there. Working through this lesson you will realise that to make substantive change to home life, you need to take a deeper look at what you are currently doing with your time and where you really want to be spending it.


Setting up habits to achieve your goal

Creating habits comes directly after goal setting for a particular reason. Many mums will write and tell me they don’t have the self discipline to work towards their goal. But the thing is, self discipline is not the key to goal achievement but creating the right habits to support your goal is


Essential routines for the home - part 1

Essential routines for the home is a big topic, so I have broken it up into 2 parts. We look at routines after habits because creating processes and embedding them as routines are just like a habits and the habit loop applies to them. Once you have undertaken your routine enough times, it is something that you will do without really thinking about saving you both time and energy.

The routines that we cover in part 1 are menu planning, evening routines and morning routines.


Essential routines for the home - part 2

The routines we look at in part 2 work in with the three routines we created in part 1 to enhance the smooth running of the household. These routines are effectively habits you are stacking on to your base routines.

The routines we cover in part 2 are weekly food preparation sessions, creating a family contribution schedule and managing homework and technology with the kids.


Being present at home - part 1

Like the routines component, being present at home is covered in two sections so we can cover each process in detail without being overwhelmed.

When you take the time to set up some processes aimed at having you being present and engaged with the family, you are giving yourself the best chance at achieving family harmony on a regular basis.

To kick off processes we look at how to practice gratitude, set up family meetings
and 20 minute time blocks with the kids.


Being present at home - part 2

The aim of the processes we cover in part 2 is to allow you to be more planned so you have more time to be present with your family. We look at how to:

- Create a weekly schedule
- Set boundaries for yourself
- Get smart with your calendar
- Stay focused at the task at hand


Track, tweak & repeat

This last lesson is essential to making sure the plans and processes you created work and stick. It will also show you that staying planned and present is an ongoing process.

You change, families change, circumstances change, so setting up one goal, then its habits, routines and processes and just leaving it is not possible.

Tracking and tweaking is an integral part of staying organised and using the Planned & Present Workflow you have this element built in to your routines. We look at how to:

- Measure your results
- Reviewing your monthly progress
- Adjust your routines as needed